When asked to describe herself in three words, senior Sophie Laurence ’24 quickly responded with collected, adaptable, and “definitely self-aware!”

Sophie spoke about how her life has thus far been characterized by change and referenced the impact it had on her own life, “I’ve just dealt with a good amount of change—nothing life-altering or shell-shocking—but enough to where I’ve learned how to take note of myself.”

When explicitly asked about senior year, Sophie immediately recounted that she didn’t expect such a jump from junior year, “senior year has definitely been a hell of a lot harder, which is to be expected, but it also still hit me like a truck!”

Despite the challenges of academics and forever-looming college decisions, she has still been able to take on other aspects of her final year at Concord Academy. She said, “Honestly, this year has been fun gaining new leadership opportunities. I’ve had a lot of fun taking charge in various small ways because I’m not a big fan of huge overwhelming responsibility, but little things for sure.”

“First semester took me out in terms of academics, and now I’m done, and it’s spring, so who cares now!” She joked.

When elaborating on her impact on CA, she specifically shouts out her time in the theater department—one of her main passions. “I feel like, although I’ve never been a lead in a show, I feel like I’ve paid my dues, made my way through the system, and now I’m an important part of the theater department, which feels really good.”

Surprisingly enough, Sophie’s love for theater began in her fourth-grade year with a disappointment: “There was this character—Rhonda—she was a sassy, larger-than-life kind of character, and I didn’t end up getting her. That was my first show ever, and my first big disappointment in theater… and despite this upset, I stuck with it.”

When asked why she kept returning, Sophie spoke of how she genuinely loved the experience. “Not all of it is perfect. Late-night rehearsals are not always fun. Cast drama, issues with directors, whatever. Not always fun…but I always feel like there’s a certain element of family and bonding you don’t get anywhere else.”

On top of that, Sophie elaborated on how there’s always more work to do, “I feel like I haven’t peaked yet. I still have things I’m working towards, which is good because it keeps me motivated to improve.”

Sophie decided to co-lead Director’s Workshop with Aviva Jeffrey ’24 this upcoming spring due to her wanting to be more involved in the process. “I really just wanted to branch out and expand my skill set, I guess…plus, I figured now I get to be in charge, and everyone has to listen to me,” she said.

Sophie concluded with this piece of advice to current freshmen: “it can take some time to find your people. Don’t freak out if you don’t find ‘your people’ right away!” CA brings together all kinds of people, so take your time!