William “Gladdy” Gladstone ’23 is a senior from Arlington, Massachusetts. He is a day student who commutes every morning with his little brother Matthew “Matty” Gladstone ’25 and has a variety of passions and leadership positions.

 A member of the Boys’ Varsity Squash team at Concord Academy, Will has been playing squash since he was nine years old. In fact, Will was the only ninth grader to make the team in his freshman year—an achievement he is very proud of. He began as the seventh seed, worked his way up to fourth seed last winter, and now expects to be the first seed on the team. Despite that, he is not so confident in his abilities, “Given that I am number one on the ladder, I think we’re going to have a tough season,” Will joked. However, he followed this statement up with a glimmer of hope, remarking that “even a broken clock is right twice a day.” He loves the camaraderie of the team and is excited for the upcoming season.

Additionally, Will has been an avid member of the Jewish Students’ Organization (JSO), since his freshman year. Thus, he was more than excited to earn a position as co-head of the affinity group last year. He explained, “Judaism is a very important part of my identity. I would not be who I am now without it.”

JSO is not the only club that Will is involved in at CA. In his junior year, Will founded CA’s first Star Wars Club with Isabella-Marie Selden ’23 and Conor Kennealy ’23. While they did not have time to create a stand at Club Expo, they do meet occasionally to talk about anything and everything Star Wars.

Will is a member of the National Hockey League (NHL) Power Players. He is one of twenty students selected from all around North America to meet NHL executives and to help make the NHL appeal to younger generations. “I have been a hockey fan all my life, so this was like a dream come true for me, ” Will said. 

Will’s other passions include saving the blue-footed booby birds with a foundation he created when he was a kid and eating at Dave's Hot Chicken—“definitely, my favorite restaurant,” he said with a grin. Will is a very enthusiastic and kind individual with a plethora of commitments in the CA community and beyond!