Zhaoyi Meng ’24 is a senior boarder from Sudbury, Massachusetts. He is involved in a wide array of activities at Concord Academy that build on his passions for music, theater tech, and STEM.

Zhaoyi’s journey at CA began as a day student in his 9th grade year. However, he switched to boarding at the beginning of the following school year with the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions on campus. The relative proximity of his family allows him some of the benefits of day student life, like a quick trip to the dentist or doctor. On the other hand, boarding provides him with the independence and freedom of living away from home.

Zhaoyi has been involved with the Performing Arts department from the start of his CA career. An avid musician, he plays bass, piano, trombone, tube, and a little guitar. He often looks forward to learning more instruments, highlighted in his purchase of an accordion last year. Zhaoyi is a member of the Advanced Jazz Ensemble and the Vocal Jazz and Pop Ensemble. He is the founder and Co-Head of Jazz club, and is hoping to create more music culture and activities at CA. Outside of school, Zhaoyi occasionally performs with Andrew Wood-Sue Wing ’25 at gigs all over the greater Boston area.

Zhaoyi is also passionate about theater tech. This year, he is working as an Assistant Stage Manager for the fall mainstage. He is well versed in all aspects of tech, especially in CA’s many audio systems. Zhaoyi can frequently be found setting up microphones, speakers, and other sound equipment for a variety of events and assemblies.

As one of this year's entertainment representatives, Zhaoyi plays a major role in creating and running events for the student body. Together with Rory Kennealy ’24, he has organized events like Block Party, Club Expo, and White Out so far, and he is planning for many more fun activities on the horizon. With his skills in audio tech, music, and theater, he is well-equipped to work as the mastermind of these events.

In an academic setting, Zhaoyi’s favorite class so far at CA was Sophomore English. He enjoyed the continuity of this year-long course and its focus on his perspective and growth as a writer. He particularly enjoyed the pastiche assignment where students reflected on aspects of their own identity through a creative, poetic piece.

Zhaoyi can often be found jamming out in the Jazz room, whether as part of an ensemble or just with friends. He can also be spotted carrying different instruments around campus, including his newly acquired hybrid guitar. Zhaoyi’s creativity, resourcefulness, and deft learning abilities are part of what makes him an excellent leader and community member, both at CA and beyond.