On Friday, March 31, the Concord Academy senior class took part in the highly anticipated Senior Transition Seminar. Following the students’ last academic commitment of the day, they made their way to the P.A.C. to kick off an afternoon packed with events for the class. 

First on the agenda was the Senior Mug Celebration. The seniors were greeted with a warm welcome as they funneled into the Stu Fac. Two tables were littered with bare white mugs in need of decoration. A semicircle of tables that bordered the mug tables were covered in green plastic cloth and had an array of ceramic markers on display that were ready for use. The ensuing 30–45 minutes were full of lively chatter and laughter as the CA seniors traded signatures and smiles. By the end of this activity, each student had their own mug decorated with the names and warm wishes of their peers. 

Following a short break, students made their way back to the P.A.C to begin the session focused on the future. This portion of the evening was led by Alex Holmes. It began with a short overview of the agenda and previewed all information that was important to learn and be reminded of as the class begins their transition to college, the next phase of their lives. 

The first topic was consent. This segment was about an hour of review and included data analysis, time for questions, and situational work. The class did a nice job staying engaged and involved during this important conversation. 

After a ten minute break, the seniors moved onto their next topic, Drugs and Alcohol. This session included wise words and guidance on how to responsibly handle drugs and alcohol on a college campus. While much of the information was still review, it was a great opportunity for the seniors to hear some tips from Holmes, a person who was in college not too long ago. On top of that, Will Tucker, one of the senior class advisors, brought an interesting perspective to the conversation by breaking down the chemistry behind some of the substances in question. 

Next, there was a ten minute discussion about how to find support after CA. Finally, the programming came to a close with an anonymous Q&A during which the seniors were able to “throw” their questions on to stage in the form of crumpled up pieces of paper. (It was a blast!)

Will Gladstone, a senior who took part in the day’s programming, says, “It was great. Real talk with real pals.” The day was well-planned and-executed from start to finish.