Valika Trivisvavet ’24 is an international boarder from Bangkok, Thailand. She is invested in a variety of activities, from cooking to playing the saxophone.

Valika learned about Concord Academy after her father recommended the school to her. Later, she was reluctant about her decision to attend CA as she felt she was leaving everything back home behind—her friends, family, house, and culture. However, Valika now thinks that coming to CA was one of the best decisions she ever made. Not only does CA have a very engaged and open community, but the school offers and specializes in a lot of the subjects that Valika is interested in, including history and performing and visual arts. Because of the wide selection of courses, Valika was able to design her schedule in a way that allowed her to explore a variety of different interests and focus on the subjects to which she is the most dedicated.

As a career path, Valika says that she wants to dive deeper into the design industry. The function of art in many human-to-human relationships as well as to society as a whole piqued her interest. Applying this interest of hers, she is planning to further related studies to college and beyond.

Beyond her academics, Valika enjoys cooking and baking for her housemates and friends. Her specialties include all types of Asian food as well as many different kinds of delicious pastries. “Cooking reminds me of home,” she says. “It used to be—it still is—my escape to home and a cure to homesickness. It’s also a way to show my appreciation for my friends and family.” Other hobbies of Valika include playing the saxophone, any forms of visual art—especially things that have to do with 3D art—as well as taking on leadership roles such as Head of House.

Some fun facts about Valika include the fact that she can execute a “flower tongue.” She is allergic to honey and is afraid of cats and dogs, has two siblings attending CA (Akira ’25 and Hongsa ’27), and lastly, once fell on a mountain located in Switzerland, rolled on cow dung, and swallowed a daisy in the process.

“Don’t be afraid to try new things,” she says, “Explore a lot, don’t limit yourself to certain things. It’s never too late; be open to changes.” Valika is certainly a vibrant member of the CA community and a passionate and kind individual!