The transition to virtual learning saw many changes, the biggest one being the use of the app Zoom to conduct classes. No matter where students and teachers were located, they could come together at a given time and have a class similar to what they would have during normal Concord Academy conditions through Zoom. Of course, the return to in-person classes this year was a welcome one, but, with a cold New England winter right around the corner, Zoom could become beneficial yet again.

For a long time, blizzards and heavy snowfall have caused classes to be canceled for a day or multiple days at a time. With everyone stuck in their homes or dorms, no classes could take place. Now that the entire school has plenty of experiences with Zoom, classes could theoretically take place on the app during days that would have previously been declared as snow days and been devoid of classes.

With Zoom being relatively easy to operate, it would not be far-fetched for teachers to share meeting links with their students through emails on days where excessive snowfall prevents them from safely traveling to CA. All classes that would usually meet that day could still meet and operate somewhat close to normal. 

With that said, would Zoom classes on snow days be a good idea? Would they serve as a real benefit to the community? I would say no. While Zoom classes are a start, they are nowhere near as fluid, informative, or conducive as in-person classes are. Being in the same room with people and interacting with each other on a personal level will always be lightyears ahead of the Zoom experience. A lot of lessons and concepts are difficult to teach over Zoom. The quality of a few one-off Zoom classes in a year would inevitably be low.

In addition, snow days are more than just days where classes are canceled. They are much needed, much deserved days of rest and relaxation for students, teachers, and staff alike. With how busy and demanding the school year can get, especially during the winter months, unexpected moments to sit back and take a break are a blessing for many people. Snow days have become moments of joy and reflection for CA. Replacing them with sub-optimal Zoom classes would not benefit the community.