On April 19, 2023, users of the popular social media and messaging platform, Snapchat, opened the app to find a new friend on their Chat feed. Officially called “My AI,” Snapchat’s experimental feature allows users to message and send photos to an artificial intelligence chatbot. AI tools are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, and My AI makes accessing artificial intelligence even more convenient, as it is included in an app that millions of people use every day. 

Users have full customization over their chatbot's appearance and name, and talking with My AI is specifically designed to feel like having a conversation with a friend. While some Snapchat users enjoy this aspect of My AI, others, like Amelia Coffey ’26, find it distressing. She says, “It’s too nice and it’s so unrealistic; Snapchat needs to change it.” However, unlike their other friends on Snapchat, users cannot remove My AI from their Chat feed, unless they pay $3.99 per month for a Snapchat+ subscription. Otherwise, the chatbot will remain at the top of the Chat feed at all times.

Some users and parents of users have raised concerns about just how safe My AI is. Snapchat’s servers are relatively secure and the app has assured users that personal data is not at risk. Furthermore, My AI is powered by ChatGPT’s technology, and Snapchat has stated that they have added additional safety controls to protect users. Even so, like any artificial intelligence tool, My AI is not always reliable or accurate. It would be unrealistic to assume that everyone using the chatbot understands its risks, especially given the younger age demographic of Snapchat users. That being said, Snapchat has acknowledged My AI’s limitations and has made a point to be transparent about what information the chatbot can access. Nevertheless, My AI has some users worried about what its broader implications could be.

As for the future of My AI, it appears that the chatbot is here to stay. Although the app has stated that users can expect the new feature to be updated and reformed in the weeks and months to come, it seems that artificial intelligence will remain a part of Snapchat. Already, My AI has made an impact on the user experience, but whether or not Snapchat’s new feature is a positive addition remains a mystery.