The Concord Academy Ski Team is not just a group of athletes; it's a community bound by a shared passion for skiing and a commitment to excellence. The team's dedication to ski races and the indomitable support of their coach, John McGarry, create an environment that fosters both skill development and a sense of camaraderie among the students, all while fostering love of learning and unwavering willpower.

Along with McGarry being the head coach, Peter Jennings and Melissa Browne are the assistant coaches of the Concord Academy Ski Team. The team is also led by captains Irene Zheng ’24, Mandy Adams ’24, Gabe Wexler ’25, and William Kim ’24, who are vital parts of the ski team’s success. The ski team meets Tuesdays-Fridays every week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, skiers practice on dry land, running, pushups, et cetera. On Wednesdays and Fridays, the athletes take it to the slopes to practice and race.

The Concord Academy Ski Team revolves around the thrilling world of ski races. From slalom to giant slalom, these young athletes showcase their prowess on the slopes, pushing their limits and striving for victory. Their unbeatable attitude and spirit influence their peers at CA into creating a more positive environment, one that is centered around positivity and self-improvement. The team's emphasis on competitive skiing not only hones the individual skills of each team member but also builds a collective spirit that drives them to achieve greatness together.

At the helm of the Concord Academy Ski Team is a coach whose dedication goes beyond the slopes. Harris Roebuck ’25 says, “The ski team is an inclusive and wonderful athletic experience for those in the community participating, led by head coach John McGarry.” Known for being not just an instructor, but a mentor and supporter, McGarry plays a pivotal and vital role in the team's success. Students rave about his consistent encouragement, personalized guidance, and ability to instill a sense of confidence that extends beyond the ski trails. His supportive approach goes beyond just technical skills. He creates an environment where every team member feels valued, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual respect. This unique coaching style, which is also displayed in CA teachers and faculty members, has a profound impact on the team's dynamics, contributing to a positive atmosphere that improves the competitive nature of ski races. McGarry uses his positive attitude and aid to instill kindness in his athletes, so that even when the sport is competitive, each student feels the support of their teammates, regardless of the outcome of the races.

In addition to being a great coach, McGarry plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of camaraderie. By creating an inclusive and collaborative atmosphere, the coach ensures that each team member feels heard, appreciated, and motivated to give their best effort. This spirit of unity not only enhances the overall experience but also contributes to the team's competitive edge. The Concord Academy Ski Team is more than just a collection of individuals competing for personal glory. It's a tight-knit community that thrives on mutual encouragement and shared triumphs. Team members speak fondly of the friendships formed both on and off the slopes, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in their journey to success.

The Concord Academy Ski Team stands out not only for its prowess on the slopes but also for the exceptional support provided by a coach who goes above and beyond. It becomes clear that the team's success is not just measured by podium finishes but also by the bonds forged and lessons learned. The Concord Academy Ski Team is not merely a sports team; it's a community that exemplifies the true essence of teamwork and sportsmanship.