At Concord Academy, the changing of the seasons is tied to the athletic calendar. The 2023 spring athletic season will begin in a little over a month. From March 1 to March 9, students will try out for eleven teams across softball, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, tennis, baseball, track and field, and sailing. A week later, five different P.E. options will begin to provide even more ways to exercise. These options include yoga, running, hiking Concord, and training in the fitness center. These P.E. choices are not necessarily any less strenuous than the teams and are great options for exercising this spring. Lastly, CA students can earn their athletic credit through performing arts. There is no spring mainstage this year, but all dance and certain theater courses fulfill the athletic requirement. 

Of course, the requirement isn’t the only reason to exercise. Many students are driven by a love of their respective teams. One of the largest sports at CA is Track and Field, perfect for students who want a more individual athletic experience while still being on a team. Natalie Samulka ’24 feels that Track and Field is “the best of both worlds. It is such a large team, so you can experiment with many different things, but the event groups are tight-knit and you get a lot of individual attention.” The opposite end of the scale when it comes to size is Sailing. The small team practices away from the CA campus, and the sport depends on teamwork. Sailor Thomas Crowley ’24 describes it as “really fun […] a bizarre group of people that meshed together well.” In between these two extremes, sports like lacrosse, softball, and baseball provide a more traditional team experience. Hannah Bodnar ’24, is an experienced member of the Ultimate Frisbee team. She describes the team as “a diverse group from all grades. A lot of people don’t have experience, but everyone is so nice and the team is a welcoming space.” 

Many of the spring teams had exceptional seasons last year, placing well in tournaments and as individuals. The Boys Varsity Tennis team did especially well, winning the EIL tournament and placing second at NEPSAC. Both Track and Field teams had podium finishes at the EIL championships, and several athletes earned commendations for their skills. Girls Varsity Tennis and Ultimate Frisbee also competed at NEPSAC last year, while Sailing placed second in their own tournament. This season, these teams will fight to keep their winning streaks. Hopefully the rest of the sports teams will be able to join them at the end of this season!

The highlight of the spring season is likely to be the Spring Cup, a new rivalry against the Bancroft School. Last year, an event similar to The Battle in winter and the Chandler Bowl in the fall occurred for the first time. Concord Academy was victorious, winning four out of the six games. This rivalry event will take place on April 28th. 

Overall, the coming months have a lot to be excited about. From welcoming teams to varied P.E courses, to fierce competition, the spring season has something for everyone.