As of early May, the spring sports season at Concord Academy is well underway. Teams have had varying levels of success; the boys tennis team is 8-1 while the girls team is 8-0, and both are in position to finish at the top of the Eastern Independent League (EIL). However, the softball team is winless, currently sitting at 0-6. The other teams are generally mired in mediocrity, all hovering around an even win-loss record.

After winning the EIL Championship and making it to the NEPSAC finals last season, expectations were high coming into the season for the Boys Varsity Tennis team. Four seniors had graduated from the team since last year, and several injuries threatened the beginning of the season, but the team is now going strong on a six-game winning streak and sits solidly atop league standings. Arguably a more skilled team than last year, hopes remain lofty for how the season will end up. Captain Nathan Rothschild ’23 said, “Building off last year, we hope to continue our undefeated streak and win NEPSACs. We’ll play our tennis, and nothing less.” 

On the other end of the spectrum is the softball team. Hopes of a playoff run are long gone, but the season has not been all demoralizing. Despite not winning a game yet, a few of the games have been close, and team chemistry is still running high. Gabby O’Leary ’25 said, “The overall vibes this year have been unmatched to any other team I have been a part of.” The team is also full of young players—eight underclassmen—so the future looks a bit less dim. Even throughout the course of the season, this improvement is visible. Ella Stiles-Hall ’24 said, “The growth over the season is very clear in the most recent games.” Despite being notably unsuccessful on the field, the softball team has enjoyed an overall positive spring season.

And then there are the teams in between. Most teams have a roughly even record, which means it will take a strong final push to reach the playoffs. Girls lacrosse at 4-4, boys lacrosse at 4-5, and baseball at 3-4 are all still in the running for the EIL tournament, but will need to win games they are not expected to win in order to get there. Ultimate frisbee is another team having a mediocre season, a disappointment compared to last year’s 9-1 team; although with many new players this season, there is much room for improvement. As to the largest spring sports team, results so far have been positive. Both girls and boys track teams have placed first or second in every league meet so far, and both finished second in the EIL meet.

Overall, the spring athletic season has been a relatively successful one, with two teams currently favorites to hang a banner and several more still in the running. But ultimately, most teams’ successes will come down to the last two weeks of the season.