Sailing has been a sport at Concord Academy since 1984, yet it rarely gets the attention it deserves. The team currently consists of fourteen sailors who train and compete five days a week. Unfortunately, as sailing meets take place off campus, there are few opportunities to spectate meets, and thus, not many people outside of the team are able to cheer the team on from the sidelines. 

To learn a little bit more, I talked to an avid member of the team, Benjamin Fleishman ’23, who has been sailing since he was young and joined CA’s team as a Freshman. Captain Charlie Apolinsky, ’22, jokingly says that Fleishman “constantly talks the talk, but never walks the walk,” yet despite this, Fleishman was able to answer several questions. He described sailing as one of the toughest teams at CA, referring to a cancellation schedule on Wednesday, May 4th, on which every sports match was canceled due to rain, except sailing. He also boasted their three win and one loss record in their league, the Massachusetts Bay League. If this name sounds unfamiliar it is because in most other sports, Concord Academy participates in the Eastern Independent League. This record puts them in a good position to win their league, and Apolinsky thinks they have a great chance to do so. 

Coach Beth Smith has been leading the team since its first season in 1986, and she is accompanied by two captains, Charlie Apolinsky ’22, and P Plunkett, ’23. They are hopeful for the rest of the year, and excited for what is to come. Apolinsky stated he “loves the enthusiasm of the team.” He also pointed out the competitive nature between teammates, especially him and Fleishman. He proudly said “I have yet to lose to Ben. In other words, I have beaten him in every race we have ever had.” Fleishman, however, insisted otherwise, saying that “Charlie and I are always in a close contest for first place.” Their competitions serve as ways to push each other to be their best every day and lift team spirit. Although the team will be sad to see Apolinsky go next year, they are looking forward to keeping the sport strong in years to come.