Spring Sessions at Concord Academy marked a week of fun and exploration for all. While many students attended courses ranging from board game design to pizza making, others went on CA-sponsored trips to various locations around the world, such as Paris, Barcelona, and Taiwan. 32 students participated and the trip lasted 10 days. The 2023 Taiwan spring trip highlighted the adventurous energetic attitude of the CA community.
Originally, the flight to Taiwan was planned for March 4, with everyone on the trip going on the same plane. However, due to a snowstorm, participants were forced to change plans. For the next day, students and faculty that were enrolled for the trip eagerly waited for news on whether or not the trip was canceled. The faculty leading the trip— including Wenjun Kuai, Ed Rafferty, Justin Bull, Peter Jennings, and Sarah Yeh—worked tirelessly with overseas agents to reschedule the flights. Due to the adults’ perseverance and dedication, all students arrived in Taiwan according to plan.
By March 7, everyone had arrived in Taiwan, and the fun began. The group started in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, and for the next few days traveled along the west coast of the island. They explored a Japanese village and YingHai High School in Tainan. There, the CA students bonded with the local students for two days and embraced Taiwanese culture. After visiting the school, students explored the salt fields, rice paddies, and a retired battleship. They also explored the beauty of Taiwan Strait. One highlight was when members visited the Taroko Gorge and were amazed by the height and beauty of the mountains.
Another notable piece of Taiwanese culture that students experienced was the cuisine. Throughout the trip, students visited multiple different night markets, vendors, and restaurants. Some food favorites included dragon fruit, stinky tofu, and tanghulu. Ava Angele ’25 commented, “Taiwan was a really enjoyable experience. I loved getting to see different aspects of the island and immersing myself fully in the culture. It was cool to see the entire island, and I had a fun time with friends, having the privilege to travel to this amazing country.” The trip was a huge success, made possible by an incredible group of CA faculty and students.