On Sunday, February 11, two football teams from the National Football League (NFL) will compete in the ultimate challenge: the 58th Super Bowl. The teams will travel to Nevada and arrive in Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium to participate in one of the most televised events in the world. The players and staff on the winning team will receive a Super Bowl Ring to commemorate their victory, earning bragging rights over the other teams, and will come home to cash winnings and a parade in their hometown.

The Super Bowl was first created when a group of businessmen were not allowed to own a football franchise in the NFL. They went on to make a new league called the American Football League (AFL); however, the NFL and AFL constantly competed with each other. In 1966, the owners of both the NFL and the AFL began a negotiation to merge into one league. Though they had not yet reached an agreement, the two leagues had their first “Super Bowl” in 1967, called the NFL-AFL Championship Game. Eventually, in 1970, the owners agreed that the new league would be called the NFL and have two parts: the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). Additionally, the winners of the AFC and NFC would compete in the Super Bowl at the end of the season for the title of champion.

However, the Super Bowl is about much more than just a football game. This year, there will be weekend events such as Super Bowl Opening Night, where fans can see interviews with the football players before the game. On the day of the game, there will also be a halftime show featuring popular singer-songwriter Usher. Usher’s performance will continue entertaining fans, even while the football players take a break.

So, which teams will be facing off in the 2024 Super Bowl? When this article was written, the most popular prediction was that the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens would be competing against each other, and many people thought that the 49ers would take home the big win. “I really think the 49ers are going to win. They have the best record,” said Ripley Bright ’25.

There’s something for everyone in the Super Bowl, regardless of if they know its history or not. Overall, this event is about having fun and spending time with loved ones while watching one of the greatest sports events in the United States.