While we all know and love the food that the wonderful Stu-Fac provides for us here at Concord Academy, sometimes, you just want pizza. And in Concord, with several options, it is hard to choose where to get that pizza from. I am here to tell you where exactly the best pizza in Concord is. This is an often-discussed topic around the halls of CA—some prefer Comella’s Restaurant, while others choose Concord New London Style Pizza—and it is hard to know which is objectively better. 

However, the answer to the pizza problem is neither of these places. The true best pizza in Concord is Sorrento’s. 

This is for many reasons. It is a convenient walk from campus—only around three minutes—and the perfect place to go for lunch on a Friday when class meetings are canceled. The ratio of sauce to crust to cheese is perfectly balanced, and the pizza is always, as a friend of mine says, “nice and toasty.” Also, you get two slices of pizza when you ask for one slice—something that really confused me the first few times I went, but now is something else that I appreciate about Sorrento’s, as two slices of pizza make the perfect amount. The pizza is ready within around five minutes of ordering it—at least whenever I was there—which is a wonderfully short wait. They have a large selection of toppings and different kinds of pizza, so no matter what mood you are in there is always something you will want to eat. Compared to other pizza joints around town, Sorrento’s stands out. Comella’s, while cheaper, does not have the same quality of tomato sauce as Sorrento’s. New London, meanwhile, is simply not consistent enough to compare. While Sorrento’s always has the same, delicious pizza, New London’s varies from good to very much not good. 

Sorrento’s is, quite simply, the best pizza place in Concord.