Students were raving about the Meatless Monday on January 8, 2024, sources report. Concord Academy’s first sustainable lunch back from vacation—and first of the new year—delivered warm plates of traditional Italian fusilli hand-tossed with fresh garlic, olives, tomatoes, and vegetarian “meat”-balls to the salivating mouths of elated students.

Some diners commented on the freshness of the produce after finishing up their meals. “I loved the fresh garlic, olives, and tomatoes!” one said. Another agreed, “Yes! They tasted very nice!” Both observed that the decadent flavors served as testament to the sustainable approach of growing and harvesting each element of the meal.

Others focused on how the taste of traditional Italian cuisine shone through the flavor profile. “We just felt like we were at home,” glowed a throng of Italian and Italian American students found kneading pasta dough on the quad. Some even swore off of Sorrento’s!

The real hit of the afternoon, however, w the plant-based meatballs. The community was astonished at how the flavors resembled real meat. A typically carnivorous student observed, “I would totally buy that they [the meatballs] were meat if you told me they were. Like, I could tell they weren’t beef, pork, chicken, whatever – but they tasted like meat of some kind.” A nearby friend jumped in, “No, no, I definitely agree. It was like fatty beef. And I’m not sure if this makes sense, but I guess the meatballs had, like, a domestic flavor? The taste was home-y or something – like the Stu really cared for me. I guess the one weird thing was I found some hair in mine that looked a bit like fur. I mean, who cares, though, as long as they tasted good, right?”

All in all, the meatballs were a smashing hit! Let us all hope they return to the Stu in the days to come.

In other news, Robert Munro’s dog, Daley, has disappeared from the Academic Office. Please, keep an eye out.