April 8, 2023 marked Concord Academy’s 19th annual Model UN conference, CAMUN, which hosted over 200 delegates from around 20 schools across the New England region. Organized by Secretary-General Isabella-Marie Selden ’23 and the entire conference staff, CAMUN saw delegates participate in a day full of lively debate and interact with one another through debate and diplomacy to solve complex challenges facing current, historical, and fictional worlds.

The day adopted a similar schedule to last year’s conference, where registration kicked off at 8:00 a.m., and was followed by an optional delegate training session at 8:30 am. This year, however, the opening ceremonies took place in the Chapel, where Isabella-Marie introduced delegates to the conference, and the chairs of each committee offered a brief summary of the topics they would cover. There were a total of seven committees, with topics ranging from LGBTQIA+ rights in the Middle East to the Golden Age of Piracy. The conference quickly began as delegates filed into their committee rooms and launched into discussion about their respective topics.

Delegates had the chance to delve into the world of international affairs, public speaking, and diplomatic skills, all the while utilizing their creative freedoms in various committees to further and develop policy debate. Students simulated the roles of countries and individual characters, which offered a valuable experience that taught them leadership and interpersonal skills. Mei Reed ’25 co-chaired the specialized crisis this year, which took inspiration from the Bee Movie. She noted, “A lot of effort went into planning this, and I’m super happy it went well! I had a lot of fun co-chairing my committee, and I hope all the delegates in my committee had a good time too.” With a total of two committee sessions and a break for lunch in between, delegates soon found themselves at the end of their passionate discourse.

Ending the day with closing ceremonies, delegates gathered in the Performing Arts Center for closing remarks and award distributions. Chairs announced the award winners, followed by Isabella-Marie’s reflections on the conference and her banging of the gavel, which signified the conclusion of CAMUN 2023. The day wouldn’t have been successful without the help of CA’s dedicated Model UN club members, who had volunteered their time and energy to become trained staff members and chairs.