In the realm of sports, few events can compare to the significance and grandeur of the Olympic Games. For athletes, the competition stands as the ultimate aspiration, a lifelong dream for many. Competitors from all corners of the world gather to engage in a diverse range of sports, spanning from track and field to swimming, shooting, and volleyball. These sports captivate vast audiences, both in attendance at the events and via online viewership. Reports had indicated that additional sports had been under consideration for inclusion in the Los Angeles 2028 (LA28) Summer Olympics. It is only recently that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved and officially incorporated these five sports into the Games: baseball or softball, cricket, flag football, lacrosse, and squash.

This revelation has ignited a widespread buzz, capturing the attention of sports enthusiasts and aficionados. Sports such as cricket and lacrosse are making their return to the Olympics after previous appearances. Furthermore, it is an exciting development for baseball and softball, given their intermittent inclusion in recent Olympic editions. However, it is arguably flag football and squash that are experiencing a particularly momentous juncture. The LA 2028 Olympics will mark a significant milestone in the history of these sports as they make their debut in the Games.

The reason why this inclusion is especially thrilling for the squash community is that the World Squash Federation (WSF) has made multiple attempts in trying to secure a place in the Olympics. However, in the past, these attempts were unsuccessful. They experienced many rejections in previous years, most notably from London and Paris, despite the fact that in these two places, squash is popular and well-loved.

However, the long-awaited victory of squash's inclusion in the LA 2028 Olympics has brought a wave of excitement among athletes. When the news broke, Amanda Sobhy, the United States' top-ranked squash player, could not contain her joy. She said, “It is everything that you can dream of as an athlete to be able to compete in the Olympic Games. To be able to compete for an Olympic gold medal, and just say that you were an Olympian, is something that no one can ever take away from you. To have the chance to compete at LA28 and compete in front of friends and family with a home crowd, it would just be so meaningful.”

Zena Wooldridge, the President of the WSF, shared the sentiments of the global squash community. She expressed immense delight at squash's inclusion. The collective joy and anticipation of the entire squash community affirm that being part of the LA28 Olympic Games will be an unparalleled experience.

The recent announcement of introducing fresh sports to the Olympics signifies a constructive and forward-thinking move on the part of the International Olympic Committee. This choice underscores the IOC's commitment to inclusiveness, its readiness to adapt to evolving sports preferences, and its dedication to connecting with a broader, more diverse international viewership.