A walk through the lower SHAC will take you past dozens of images of old athletic teams from years ago. If you take a close look at these images you will notice a few golf teams of the past. Like myself, you may have thought, “Huh, who knew?”  

Once upon a time, CA was home to a golf team, its final season during the fall of 2016. The reestablishment of this team would introduce another option for anybody interested in the amazing game of golf, whether they are veterans of the sport or not. From talking with CA students, I do know that this sport has sparked interest among several. 

Golf is a beautiful activity where the competitors are surrounded by nature, and are constantly exploring new areas of the sport. After all, no two golf shots are the same!In the area around CA’s campus, a few wonderful courses exist. Just five minutes down the road is Concord Country Club, a pristine course that offers a challenge to all those who play. Having played this course, I can confirm that it is a blast. The challenging terrain makes the walking and sightseeing as interesting as the game itself. Then, about ten minutes from campus is Nashawtuc Country Club, where the CA golf teams of the past called home. While I have never had the opportunity to play at NCC, it is renowned as a fantastic destination. Should the team make a return, having these places so local would be quite the gift.

While a concern for a lack of interest has been voiced, I am confident that our student body could supply enough players to field a team. Not only that, but the resulting squad would surely be a close knit, well rounded community. Another benefit of the team would be its co-ed aspect, so any student could participate. With only a dozen students or so needed to fill out a roster, the possibility of a golf team cannot be ignored. Furthermore, it should be actively considered as an addition to the fall lineup of athletics!