Yes, you read that right: Turkey Bowl. Thanksgiving seems to be the only thought that springs to mind when you hear the term “turkey” in November. The event was inspired by the class of 2022’s flag football tournament two years ago.

The Turkey Bowl originated from an audacious initiative from Sofia ’22 and Melanie Tapia ’22, who were the Entertainment Representatives during their sophomore year. Melanie brought this idea to the student council and council members decided to introduce the Turkey Bowl to the entire community this year. Our Head of Boarders Melanie was essential in the preparations of the final event before November break.

It was really a pleasant evening. The night commenced with capture the flag football, showcasing why our school has been unbeaten in football for nearly a century. Student artisans created some beautiful cards full of thanks for their loved ones while our football athletes exhibited remarkable athleticism. Needless to say, the night was far from over as the organizers had a few more surprises up their sleeves. 

Council decided to borrow a concept from a well-known boarding competition: eating donuts off a string. In this competitive event, a person’s mouth and height are the only tools available to them. After that was a whip cream competition, which was another competition displaying our community members’ ability to eat without using their hands. The event was full of amusement, as it set our community for one last week of school and a send-off to a blissful break.