“THINK LATER,” a captivating blend of multiple genres of music, is Tate McRae's second studio album. The album, newly released on December 8, 2023, showcases the rising artist’s raw talent and unique sound. Through her well-written lyrics and music composition, McRae delivers an album that all listeners can enjoy.

McRae, a Canadian-born singer-songwriter, gained initial recognition on social media for her covers and the original track “One Day.” Her breakthrough moment came in 2020 with her song “you broke me first,” which propelled her into the mainstream music scene. Following her debut studio album, “I Used to Think I Could Fly,” released in May 2022, McRae’s single “greedy” reached number three on the Billboard Top 100. Both “greedy” and her latest release, “exes,” which she performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, find a home on her latest album.

With “THINK LATER,” Tate McRae continues to prove her talent and versatility as an artist. The album seamlessly blends different genres, including pop, electronic, and alternative, creating a unique and captivating sound that showcases McRae's artistry. The songs on this album differ from her previous pieces, which are generally categorized as soft pop. However, the artist's new approach to her music is a positive development, as she explores different genres and styles that benefit and complement her unique voice.

The album, comprised of 14 tracks, is distinct in style and message. McRae delves into personal experiences, heartbreaks, and life challenges, offering an exploration of self-discovery during young adulthood. From the upbeat title track, “think later,” to the emotional ballad “run for the hills,” and the reflective “messier” to the raw vulnerability of “cut my hair,” McRae navigates a spectrum of emotions with masterful songwriting.

The standout and final track, “plastic palm trees,” delivers a catchy, hummable melody discussing themes of disillusionment and the repercussions of changing oneself to fit in. Similar to the other tracks on the album, the song reflects profound human experiences, using relatable messages and lyrics to create a connection and make listeners feel as though they are entering the world of the album.

Overall, “THINK LATER” is a strong sophomore album from Tate McRae that draws in both fans and new listeners alike. She continues to intrigue audiences with her distinct style and produce music that authentically expresses her personality and experiences. With her unique sound and lyrics, Tate McRae quickly establishes herself as one of the most exciting rising artists in the music industry.