Later this Spring, audiences will be whisked away on the journey of a lifetime. The members of the Concord Academy Cabaret are preparing to travel through time in their upcoming revue.

Cabaret is one of Concord Academy's four student-led singing groups. The audition-only group of student singers primarily focuses on musical theater repertoire. Unlike the other groups, which sing a cappella, Cabaret uses instrumentation. They perform at various events throughout the year, such as the Winter Holiday Concert and their famous end-of-year show.

The club's members have spent countless hours rehearsing to ensure an unforgettable show that will bring joy to every audience member. It will feature both group and solo numbers, as well as a fusion of music and dance, showcasing the individual talents of each performer.

Each year, the Co-Heads of Cabaret present a theme for the songs on the setlist. In the past, they have chosen themes such as “movie musicals” and “the club members' favorite shows.” This year’s Co-Heads, Marisa Beard ’24, Elspeth Yeh ’24, and Kelly Kong ’24, have chosen the theme “Through the Decades.”

This theme celebrates the rich history of musical theater and showcases the evolution of music and culture over time. Each decade represents a unique era in musical history, from the glamorous golden age of the 1950s and 60s to the vibrant pop sounds of the 1990s and beyond. By exploring these diverse time periods, the show explores different genres and showcases the evolution of theater while also engaging audience members.

Selecting songs for “Through the Decades” was a collaborative effort involving input from all members of Cabaret. They carefully curated a mix of classic favorites and contemporary hits, ensuring a balance of familiar tunes and hidden gems. The set list ranges from iconic musicals like “Hairspray” to modern shows like “Back to the Future: the Musical.”

The revue promises to be a night of entertainment for everyone, bringing together the community through the love of music and theater. The Cabaret members are excited to share their hard work and passion with their audience and hope to inspire others to pursue their creative endeavors. Do not miss out on this unforgettable journey through the history of musical theater!