The Quad is a wonderful space that is central to the CA community. Though there are many activities to partake in on the Quad, here are the top five things to do.

Spikeball is a lawn game that is Concord Academy's favorite, but be careful, it can form friendships and rivalries fast. The rules to the game are simple. Each team of two has up to three touches to hit the ball on the net. Each time the ball hits the net, the possession changes. The goal is to hit the ball off the net so that the opposing team can not return it. Players can choose how intense the game gets. It can be a leisure activity to play while having a conversation or an all out competition with diving saves. It is by far the most engaging and fun game that you can partake in on the Quad. 

Another great Quad activity is socializing with others. This space is one of the busiest places during the school year, especially when the weather is nice. It is a great spot to catch up with friends or talk with people that are not in your same classes. Socializing can include anything from a quick interaction on the way to math class or spending an entire free block on the grass. 

On the other side of the spectrum from the intensity of Spikeball and socializing is napping, or even just resting, on the Quad. Although the Quad can be bustling during snack breaks and in between classes, when people are in class, it can also be very peaceful. On a warm day, it is so easy to fall asleep on the grass. With a backpack as a pillow, naps on the Quad are a great way to regenerate some energy for the rest of the day. 

Eating on the Quad is also a lot of fun. Whether lunch is a baguette from The Cheese Shop or Stu-fish, a meal is always better on the Quad. Bring friends or eat alone—either way, getting outside to enjoy some food is always a good idea. Make sure to use disposable plates, cutlery and cups. Trash and recycling bins are even conveniently placed outside to encourage eating (and cleaning up) on the Quad. 

Sometimes, teachers will allow for their class to be held on the Quad. This rare treat is  great because everyone gets tired of class eventually. At the end of a long day, sitting in Main School for English class is always a challenge. Convincing teachers to have class outside is better for everyone because a change of setting can make it easier to focus. 

Make sure to head out to the Quad this fall and enjoy the luscious grass and these fun activities before winter rolls around!