At the start of this new school year, new students and faculty are welcomed to the Concord Academy community. This is always a busy time for new and returning members of the community alike, full of many emotions, a blend of excitement and nervousness. It is a transitional period for all, whether that may be transitioning into a new school or just transitioning from summer break. 

Chapel talks are one of many cherished traditions at CA, to which students and faculty alike look forward in the mornings. Seniors and occasionally faculty members share whatever they want with the entire community inside the Elizabeth B. Hall Chapel. When walking in through the doors of the Chapel one morning, one might hear music in the air and see a procession of people lining up down the aisle in front of the chapel giver, known as the “hug line,” a chance for anyone to hug the chapel giver before they proceed with their Chapel. Though there are assigned sections for each class, one might find themselves sitting elsewhere on specific chapel days, namely the “friend bench” and “friend section.” While the friend bench is by the chapel giver's invitation, anyone is able to sit in the friend section. It is essential for students to always keep in mind to check in with attendance takers immediately before or after the chapel talk if they are not sitting in their usual seats and do not want an attendance cut. On that note, the chapel doors are known to be unforgiving, so it is important students are punctual.

Not only are there traditions within the school community, but there are also interscholastic traditions. The Chandler Bowl takes place during the fall—a sporting event against the Pingree School featuring fall sports such as soccer and volleyball. CA has won the Chandler Bowl for the last six consecutive years—can we continue to defend our bowl and make this year our seventh? The days leading up to the Chandler Bowl are an exciting time for all, whether participating in the event or not. Previous years have seen spirit weeks leading up to the event to raise the school spirit and unity, and by the time the event rolls around, the collective spirit is undeniable—everyone is determined to maintain possession of the coveted bowl.

Among our many traditions, there are some time-honored traditions at CA to be always mindful of: students shall not step on the seal in the main school lobby, non-seniors shall refrain from using the senior steps leading towards the Chapel Lawn, and most importantly, students shall never cut the Quad under any circumstances! These are just a handful among the many traditions we have in our community, and as the year progresses, many more await us.