There is a lot to look forward to this coming month at Concord Academy, from sports events to performing arts projects, as well as several significant holidays. This November is fully packed with ways to get involved in the community. In fact, the first notable event is coming up this week: the Halloween dance on Friday, November 4. Organized by the junior class, it will be held in the SHAC atrium and will feature some fantastic entertainment and music. 

This month marks the finale of the fall sports season, so there are a lot of important athletic events happening. For cross country, the Eastern Independent League (EIL) Finals are on November 4, and the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) Championship is on November 12. As for soccer, field hockey, and volleyball, their EIL Finals will take place on November 11 and 12. Students and teams from a variety of high schools in New England will be participating in these competitions, so be prepared to cheer for CA. After these, the next major sports event is winter athletics tryouts, which are happening on November 18, so we can start looking toward the new season.

Performing arts will also be very active during November, with several productions happening at CA. The Fall Dance Project will be performing on November 11 and 12, an opportunity for students who are part of the project to present their hard work and effort this season to an audience. Another student performance coming up is the Holiday Concert on December 9, held in the Chapel. This concert will spotlight the many ensembles on campus, such as chamber music, chorus, jazz, and vocal pop. There will also be a performance by the Concord Chamber Music Society on November 27, which will feature a delightful repertoire of classical music played by professional musicians. If music and dance are not your things, winter mainstage auditions will be from November 15 to November 17. These auditions are an amazing opportunity to get involved with CA’s theater program.

Two community service projects are also taking place soon, both at Lazarus House, which is a non-profit organization based in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Lazarus House aims to provide community, food, shelter, clothing, and advocacy services to those in need, while also treating them with respect and dignity. On November 5, CA will arrange an opportunity for students who want to volunteer at Lazarus House, which will consist of delivering bagged lunches to a soup kitchen. Additionally, there is a food drive on December 3, with students able to deliver and sort the food at Lazarus House. Consider volunteering at either of these events to support this organization in its work to provide food and resources for people in poverty. 

November has several celebrations and holidays, including Native American Heritage Month, an observance that pays tribute to the histories, cultures, and contributions of our nation’s first people. November 11 is Veterans Day, an important day dedicated to honoring those who have served in the US military forces. Though classes will be in session, we can still observe this holiday by setting time aside to acknowledge and commemorate the service of veterans. The second holiday, Thanksgiving, is on November 24 and is a time to practice gratitude and show appreciation for what we have. CA students will have around a week off for Thanksgiving break, starting November 19 and ending November 28, which will be a great opportunity to spend a lot of quality time with family and loved ones. 

Both on campus and off, there is a lot to enjoy this month, so make the most of it!