With Spring Break fast approaching, Concord Academy students need to think about all the different things they could do with their newfound extra time. Some students might have already planned out how they will spend their break, but for those who have no idea what to do, here are a few suggestions.

One of the best ways people can spend their break from school is by curling up on the couch with their favorite book. It can be hard to find time to read during the busy school year, so Spring Break provides an excellent opportunity to catch up on all the great books you have missed. You do not have to read intellectually challenging books like The Odyssey; some of the best books to read over break are “beach reads” that require little to no brain power.

Another good way to pass the time is skiing or snowboarding at a nearby mountain. Even though March is the tail end of the winter sports season, you can still get a few good runs in before the snow starts to melt. As a plus, the view from the top of the mountain will be stunning. Wachusett Mountain is only a 40-minute drive from Concord Academy, and the Commuter Rail has a stop close by to the ski area, so you would not have to go very far.

You can also spend time in nature without even leaving the town of Concord. Concord has trails through local forests that offer beautiful views of the wetlands. Though the weather in March will still be pretty chilly, it will begin to warm up, and who knows, you might even see some blooming Spring flowers. Whether you run, bike, walk, travel with friends, or alone, these trails will provide you with an opportunity to get back in touch with nature and see more of Concord than just the town center.

Finally, you could explore the different parks, museums, and hangout spots in and around Boston. Boston is home to the Natural History Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Commons, Quincy Market, and much more.

Ultimately, whether you take my suggestions or not, make sure that you spend your time doing what brings you joy. The most important thing to do over Spring Break is to rest, relax, recharge, and prepare for the second half of the semester.