White Out 2021 was a blast to the past. Held on Friday, September 24, White Out was the first Concord Academy dance to resemble that of a pre-pandemic celebration. While Formal 2021 was a fun event, it was not the elaborate party that last year’s juniors and seniors had grown accustomed to—halted midway after a few students were not complying with the Massachusetts social distancing guidelines. However, this summer the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine was approved for minors aged 12 and older, meaning that all members of the CA community are eligible to get the vaccine. Because CA is a fully vaccinated community, the Student Life Office and Entertainment Representatives deemed it safe to hold a masked indoor dance complete with a mosh pit and refreshments. 

White Out lasted just over two hours, starting at around 8 p.m. It was hosted in the Student Health and Athletic Center atrium, although the SHAC Gym, StuFac, and even the pool were considered to be possible spaces. The 1st floor of the SHAC was the primary dance area, with the 2nd floor serving as a quieter place to grab a snack. The atrium was lit with dim UV lights, causing everyone’s clothing to glow in the dark, with the exception of junior girls who traditionally wear black. Andy Dietel ’22 and Jarrett Gath ’22, the 2021-22 CA Entertainment Representatives, DJ’d throughout the night. The music, blasting from large portable speakers, ranged from Young Thug to Taylor Swift—as long as the song was catchy and had a beat drop. People were pressed up against each other for most of the night, singing and dancing in a glob of sweaty bodies. Boy Band also made an appearance around 30 minutes into the night, spraying some sort of seltzer water over the cheering crowd.

Unfortunately, the indoor mask mandate was not adhered to by all members of the CA community. It is understandable if one’s mask slips down their face while jumping up and down, but a few people consistently had their masks on their chins and even in their pockets. After every few songs, the DJs needed to make an announcement asking students to properly wear their masks. Eventually, it became so bad that students were informed that if they were caught without their masks, they would be asked to leave indefinitely. 

This year’s White Out was a full-throttle success. A lively event to cap off the first month of the school year. We will have to wait and see if any new COVID-19 cases are reported in the following week. But if none arise, it would be fair to say that this year’s White Out has been the best CA dance in quite some time.