The beloved Boys Varsity Basketball program is back this winter, with a strong roster and a wonderful record. The team has been working hard to maintain a good position on their way to the playoffs this year, and every home game is a favorite on CA campus. 

When asked about the current situation of the team, Co-Captain Christian Setalsingh-Nazaire ’23 acknowledges the impact that the pandemic has brought to the roster. “[COVID-19] certainly has made our team very young with a lot of new players in, which is exciting to see,” he said. Nevertheless, he added, the team has been working extra hard and doing well so far, securing 4th place at the moment. 

Reflecting on his philosophy as a leader, Christian emphasized creating a family atmosphere in the team. From chants of “CA on 3, Family on 6” to eating and hanging out together, Christian carefully fosters a sense of warm community and care for the team. “The biggest thing for me and the team,” according to him, “is to be there for each other and make each other comfortable. The friendship really enables us to execute on the court.” 

Currently, BVB looks forward to being in a good spot for the playoffs this year. The team has produced splendid victories against schools like Landmark and Berwick, despite suffering a few tough losses against schools such as Beaver and Portsmouth Abbey. Through all this, Christian maintains a highly positive attitude reflecting on the games so far. “We had some tough losses, but the way I see it they are nothing we can’t surpass. And once we are in the playoffs, anything can happen on the court, you never know,” he said. 

On a personal level, Christian provided some valuable insights as a player on the team. “It was amazing to start and be welcomed into the team as a freshman. And being captain as an underclassman also gave me a sense of honor and responsibility that only got strengthened during the pandemic. Going forward, I’m excited to lead the team vocally and go into games together with my teammates.” This week, BVB has a home game on Tuesday against Bancroft at 5 p.m. and against Landmark 4 p.m. on Wednesday.  On Friday, they are going to the EIL Open. Be sure to come out to the SHAC and cheer for them!