After a long hiatus due to the pandemic, this past December, Boys Varsity Squash (BVS) returned to a regular season and has since been fiercely competing for the honor of Concord Academy. The return has not been easy, as the team has lost its players of the class of 2020 and 2021, and new players with various experiences in the game of squash comprise half of the current ladder. Despite the difficulty, BVS displays great team chemistry and retains a high level of competitiveness and sportsmanship. 

Co-captain Nuo Wen Lei ’22 is excited that the team is filled with fresh blood this year. According to him, “The team right now is top-heavy, we have a lot of players who are new to the game down the ladder. […] They have a lot to improve but all of them are so energetic and committed to the game.” To maximize the training purpose, BVS also mixes all the players during practice so that experienced players can teach new players one-on-one during drills. Nuo Wen also cites the team environment as a huge factor in where the team is at right now, naming it as warm and welcoming, which makes the younger players really feel at home and willing to put in the work.

Looking at the rest of the winter season, Nuo Wen is very confident of the team’s prospects. “Our main goal this year is still securing a good spot in the NEPSAC,” he explains, “and although our record is 2-2 for now, the losses are both very, very close, and I think we are in very good shape.” It is also worth mentioning that BVS defeated CA’s long-time local rival, the Middlesex School, by large margins, which has been extremely uplifting for the team. But as for now, Nuo Wen also wants to make sure that players can relax and enjoy the game while practicing hard. 

When asked about his journey of becoming the first seed and a co-captain this year, Nuo Wen says that he could not have been happier for himself and the team. “To be able to introduce every single player on the team in a match, and see the new faces representing CA, I mean, I’m just so proud to see that we all have come this far.” He also emphasizes that being number one on the team gives him responsibility not just to win, but also to represent the best of CA and set an example for all his teammates. In his personal performance, however, Nuo Wen has never fallen short, having an impeccable personal winning streak so far in the season. 

The Boys Varsity Squash is on the trajectory to a great season, and each player has been restlessly practicing to contribute to the team. BVS has a home game against Dexter Southfield this Friday at 4:00 p.m. and against Portsmouth Abbey on the following Wednesday, February 9, at 4:30 p.m. Come out to the courts and cheer for them as they fight for another win!