The fall season wrapped up in the past weeks. With winter tryouts coming to an end, teams are about to kick off their season. The teams competing in the upcoming winter season will be alpine skiing, basketball, squash, and wrestling. There will also be many other athletic offerings including fitness center training, (individualized) strength and conditioning, running, hiking, yoga, dance, and martial arts. Students can also participate in the performing arts production, whether they are stage managers, performers, or tech crew. With a broad spectrum of selections for students, Concord Academy is in for an exciting and competitive winter season full of games and performances. 

 The Battle of Lexington Christian Academy (LCA) and CA is a highly anticipated winter tradition. Due to the pandemic, this year, the annual competition will be a first-time experience for half of the school. All of our winter teams will compete with LCA, and after a long day, one school will declare victory. We hope to make a strong return after last year’s hiatus. As most of us know, last winter was not ideal; many indoor sports were forced to play outdoors and in frigid conditions. Although some sports like alpine skiing were allowed to compete against other schools because it is outdoors and has minimal contact, most teams were unable to do so. These teams were also limited to only a couple of practices a week. This year is looking hopeful in terms of a more normal season, despite still having some COVID restrictions. Games are back on, practices are returning to a more frequent schedule, and indoor play is permitted. With that, we look forward to a lively season. Go Green!